Heartland School of the Violin

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Heartland School of the Violin
Located in Overland Park, Kansas 66209
Close to the Sprint Campus and
in the general vicinity of 123rd & Lamar


Congratulations are in order for the students of the Heartland School of Violin/Viola who participated in Guest Performances in the “opening acts” for the Kansas City Civic Orchestra concerts on Friday at 7:30 pm November 10 and on Saturday at 2:00 pm November 11, 2017.

The concerts of the Kansas City Civic Orchestra are well attended (100’s), often with standing room only.  On Saturday preceding the regular concert at 1:00 pm was the annual “Instrument Petting Zoo” for children, which fit very well with the Heartland School Guest Performance to inspire future young musicians.

For more information about the Kansas City Civic Orchestra check their website at  http://www.kccivic.org/

Our teacher, Miss Ruth, is a First Violinist in the Kansas City Civic Orchestra.


Heartland School offers violin/viola instruction for ages 3 through adult
using principles of the Suzuki Method, which incorporate repertoire listening,
parental involvement and group participation.

Students are enrolled in weekly private lessons and
monthly group ensemble lessons with
periodic special group events.  Please see our policies.

Miss Ruth