Heartland School of the Violin

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Studio Policies

The year is divided into six sessions.  Each session is 2 months.  Sessions One through Five each includes 7 private lessons and 2 group lessons.  Session Six (summer) is a half session (half fee), which has 4 private lessons and 0 group lessons.  A student’s lesson spot cannot be guaranteed (“held”) if not enrolled in all six sessions.

Many schedule conflicts with a student’s lesson time can be anticipated in advance.  Please notify your teacher of the conflict date as soon as possible.  At least 2 weeks advance notice is preferred.  Your teacher will give you names for possible trades or offer alternative times.  Do not make lesson trades on your own without first consulting your teacher.

It is the responsibility of the student family to call or email the teacher if NOT ATTENDING a group lesson or private lesson.  This includes cancellation due to inclement weather.  Lessons will not automatically be cancelled on school “snow days,” so please call if you need to cancel due to hazardous driving conditions.  Safety is a priority; A lesson cancelled due to hazardous weather will always be rescheduled on a future date.

Other than hazardous weather, lessons cancelled by students are missed lessons.  Lessons cancelled by the teacher are pro-rated next session.  Students who have missed a lesson are on a “missed lesson list” for 2 months.  If an open lesson spot becomes available, that time will be offered to students on the “missed lesson list.”  However, extra open times are random and cannot be guaranteed.

NO other make-up arrangements are accommodated.


Session I

Due 8/12

Session II

Due 10/ 2

Session III

Due 12/ 2

Session IV

Due 2/ 2

Session V

Due 4/ 2

Session VI


Due 6/ 2

Registration Fees Per Session

The session fee includes 7 private lessons, 2 group lessons, and studio activity fees.

30 min. = $240.00 45 min. = $360.00 60 min. = $480.00
(c card +$3.00) (c card +$4.50) (c card +$6.00)

Group Lessons

Group Lessons meet on Saturday mornings.  Attendance is required.